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Quality Network

Since 2014, the EFP has facilitated and supported several quality networks for the forensic field, initiated by the joint FPDs. The methodology for the quality network is based on the 'Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services' that is used in England by the College Center for Quality Improvement. The goal of the quality network is to compare and learn from each other in a structured manner, so that working in the forensic healthcare sector can be brought to a higher level. The quality network uses a cyclical process.

With the support of the EFP, and with a budget from the programme Quality Forensic Care (KFZ), this method has been localised by the joint FPDs to fit the Dutch forensic context. The method can be applied in any form of care offering or industry. The joint FPDs, FPCs/FPKs, De Borg institutions and the forensic addiction care department have created their own quality network.

For more information on the different networks we facilitate, please contact us.