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Care programmes

A care programme is an optimal and coherent care offering for forensic psychiatric patients that serves as a framework for action and treatment, which can be used by organisations, professionals and patients.

Together with professionals from the forensic care field, the EFP has so far developed six care programmes. The Basic Care Programme provides an overview of (the variations in) the common care offering for all forensic psychiatric patients, regardless of their specific disorders and offences. The EFP has also developed five specific care programmes that provide an overview of the optimal care offering for certain patient populations.

The care programmes provide a careful description of the problems of the target group and provide clear guidelines about diagnostics, risk assessment, treatment and resocialisation of forensic psychiatric patients. Due to the continuous new developments in the forensic field, the care programmes remain 'work in progress'. The care programmes are regularly updated to ensure the highest level of quality.

The following care programmes are available in Dutch. If you want more information about this, or if you want to have them translated, please contact mlandman@efp.nl or epomp@efp.nl

  1. Basic Care Programme
  2. Forensic Addiction Care
  3. Psychotic Disorders
  4. Sexual Misconduct
  5. Personality Disorders
  6. Long-term Forensic Psychiatric Care